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So. If I havnt said it a billion times before. I got my Egyptian Tarot deck. It makes me so HAPPY. My friend recently got interested into Tarot also. She is a person with the Fae, so we got her a Fae deck. One of the most perfect matches I've seen. I miss communing with the Fae. Just always remember, they are mischievous buggers! But anyways, I need to make new bags for my decks though. My first deck need a yellow satin bag; while my Egyptian deck needs a Dark purple (almost black) satin deck. If you are using tarot. Dont just buy a bag cuz you feel like the color. Every deck has a special color associated with it. Feel the energy and it will come to you. And if you are lucky, it will come with a bag already, usually the colors are correct.

INSOMNIA! Woo. Gotta love it. Havnt been sleeping the past.....week. Going to bed around 3ish if Im lucky and then getting up at 7. But i finally got to take a nap and sleep in a bit. So i caught up on some of it. But HEY, its a normal thing. Im getting used to it. Im just usually really hyper and tired at the same time. Its hilarious.

HEY! I DREW A PERSON! Go look. Its under ATOMIC KICKER. Im so proud of my little person. I was asked to do it so I did ^_^ Twas kinda fun. So im saying that Im opening up my 'Hey, could you maybe draw this' section again. Might take me a bit bcuz of school. But ill do my damndest. Most of you know im not very good at people and animals and such. Just look at my art and choose accordingly.

I started watching Girls Bravo....its really funny....and really perverted. ITS THE BEST.

I get to go to a concert on the 25th, should be fun!

I got in contact with a friend/flame I fell out of contact with. Hes doing so well, Im so happy for him ^_^ Hes got a wonderful girl and is trying his damndest to be the best person he can be. And I swear he can see in my soul most times. Thats what I like most about him too. I will even be moving closer to him!

OH! And if you dont know. Im moving in like 6 weeks to the property. Which mean a hiatus from me bcuz I got no internet up there, at least for a bit. If you know me personally. Ill eventually send you the number of the house phone up there once we get it set up. Emergencies only :P

Lets see.....what else...... OH! And if you have kept contact with me, most of you have been asking me 2 questions, if Ive got anyone special (girl or guy wise) and whats been wrong with me.


Um. No. Still no one. Im single and happy :D Not many great candidates that want relationships. But its all good. Everything happens for a reason.

Aaaannnd I may have been a a really depressive state the last year but its come out more within the last few months. I just kinda havnt wanted to do anything bcuz I havnt given a shit for awhile. Ive let myself go. But Im working on fixing that. I swear. Music always has helped.

Hope everyone has been doing better then I have. Love you all!


Monika I.L. Seitz (MoMo)
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United States
Last Updated 1/10/2013

Hey ya'll!!!
My name is Monika. You will see me sign on my drawings as MILSeitz or M.Seitz. Most know me by my first name, some know me by one of my many nicknames and then others know me as MiwSher, which means 'little cat' in Egyptian.

I graduated High School at the age of 15 in 2012! For High School, I went to UPrep and APL in Redding, Ca.

Since this is about our view on art, I'll start with that first. If you go through my gallery, you will find an array of pieces. I can spin wonderful tales and am working on getting as many stories up as I possibly can. I am also of a poetic nature and will thread a poem together upon the very moment it exists in life, sometimes it does not take much for a poem to come to me, other times it just refuses to live.
Most have commented on my photos, specifically of me, I will explain more about the photos of me later on. I would not consider myself a photographer, but simply a person with a camera, an imagination, and the knack of wanting to have fun. I also have a wonderful person to look up to also named Jon Tiffin, Check his gallery out also! :iconjtiffinphotography:
I love to sketch, whether it is a picture I've seen in the past and have recalled, a random object from life, a saying or from my imagination. I do not trace things, I create and will them to be my own. My trusty swords are my Sharpies. I use them all the time and am in constant need of new ones.

It really isn't a question of who I am, or exactly what I am. It is what I am comprised of that counts. I warn you now before you go on. I am a very outspoken, outgoing and have a strong personality, if you don't like it then please just go away, I don't want to cause any problems. I personally, don’t like dealing with bullshit (excuse the language). Not saying that it is, but I rather just be left out of it. I will listen to you and your comments and weigh them in. But don't always expect me to do what you want because you "said so". I love animals, cats especially. I took modeling classes when I was younger and have kept many of the things I learned throughout the years. Many tell me that I am a beautiful young woman, and the comments left on the photos of me have also spoken that opinion many times. I will randomly spell things with a 'k' in it because it's one of my quirks. I love to read, books are an important part of my life, and yes, I do fall in love with the characters. The best books are ones where a character relates to me personally. Or just is just simply a good book. I love reading Manga and Video Games are so much fun. Don't be surprised if I go on a random tangent about some person that you have no clue who or what they are. I love the color purple, and I am slightly insane and crazy. Just another part of my personality. I love my family and the friends that are closest to me. I do not usually let that many people in to my life completely, being that much has happened to me with relationships and when it concerns my heart. But once you have been placed in my heart, it is hard for you to be removed. I care about those who I know and love. I am guarded and please don't get offended if I don't tell you what's going on.

I am an Ancient Egyptian nutcase. I love it. Plain and simple.

If you are aware or Yaoi, Hentai and basically understand what a Seme and Uke are. Then you will understand when I say that I am a Flaming Uke. In one of my journals is a description and you can go to and look it up there. I am under the Western Sign of Scorpio. My planets are Pluto and Mars. My elements being Water and Fire. I am truly part cat, I have many aspects of my personality, like that of a cat. I love chokers, spikes, and collars. One of these days I'm going to get my hands on a pair of cuffs and maybe even a straight-jacket.

There is one thing about me that to many is controversial, this is why I am putting it last. By the time you have read this, you know much about me and possibly will be open-minded enough to understand the truth. I am Wiccan. I worship not only God but the Goddess as well. I am rooted into nature and have many Pentagrams. I am proud to be an advocate for my religion and an advocate for the truth. I do not worship an entity called 'Satan', Satan also known as the devil are purely Christian concepts. I do not believe in an actual Satan. If you were fine up until this point of my Bio then please, I don't want any problems. All my friends know what I am, and they come from all religions. I am always happy to help people understand what being Wicca is. And if you are curious, then note me and I will explain. Or go to one of my journals, a certain person a while ago tried to argue with me about my beliefs so I went on a tangent and described in full detail what Wicca is.

And for those who are curious. Yes, I am a Witch.

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